Kode Produk: SRB7600
Berat: 5,00kg
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Harga: Rp.0,-
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The ideal choice for advanced and professional divers, Maximus is an extremely compact and comfortable regulator that’s big on performance. Ideal for all diving environments, it features:

  • Sherwood’s unique, high performance dry first stage.

  • Adjustable inhalation sensitivity.

  • Two primary-flow ports that boost outlet pressure to the second stage for easier breathing.

  • Five low-pressure ports for multiple set-ups of regulator connections and ancillary devices.

  • Underarm hose to reduce underwater profile and minimize snagging.

  • Sherwood’s patented, adjustable moisture-retention fins reduce dry mouth and allow you to direct air flow and optimize breathing characteristics to match any dive conditions.

Sherwood Scuba equipment is for use only by individuals trained and certified by a nationally recognized scuba training agency. For further information, please consult your Sherwood Owner’s Manuals.

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